Welcome to the IBM i (AS 400) specific Job-Board.


Reach a large audience

Hiring Board is the place to let the world know that we are strong, dynamic community skilled in RPG development using modern tools and technologies.

Share your skills and interests

We are not just a bunch of gray-haired 50 year-olds biding our time until retirement. We are producing relevant desktop, web and mobile applications using the latest RPG capabilities and open source tooling.

Modern applications and interfaces

We aren’t just green-screen applications. Share with us your web and mobile development capabilities and stories.

IBMigo.com is a free information site providing services to companies and people involved on the AS/400, iSeries, System i, and Power Systems platforms. Also, we provide a page where job seekers looking for employment in this ecosystem can post their resumes.

  • If you know a company that’s using the AS/400, iSeries or Power System, please share with the comunity.
  • If you are seeking employment, please share your resume to the comunity.
  • If your company is looking for programmers, system administrators, or managers who have many years of experience on this platform then we’d be happy to include the position you’re trying to fill on another one of our lists.

All of these services are free! 🙂

  • No registration, credit card validation, email addresses, etc… are required in order to make use of them. Free means free.

AS 400 Job-Board originally founded by

John Rockwell

…who is a well known professional of IBM i (AS 400) & also a living  legend of the IBM i comunity as well. John was a founder of the original AS 400 hiring board.

This is a new IBM i Job-Board – please use this new one instead of the original hiring board!


Go IBM i, go! 🙂